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Buddhabrot is a powerful fractal exploration filter for Adobe Photoshop« based on the unique Mandelbrot set rendering technique developed by Melinda Green. Instead of plotting pixels based on the number of iterations used, they are colored according to density counts. In addition, if each color channel is iterated differently, the rendered image appears to have a multi-colored, nebula-like effect much like modern NASA galaxy renders. The single color channel rendering technique has been termed the Buddhabrot by Lori Gardi due to its similarity to the Hindu God 'Ganesha', while the multi-channel rendering technique has been termed the Nebulabrot due to its similarity to colorful Nebulas.

This filter is capable of plotting various Buddhabrot / Nebulabrot fractals along with their inverse counterparts, negative equivalents, and alternate 4D projection planes. Buddhabrot's coloring algorithms generate vibrant fractal images using traditional Buddhabrot and Nebulabrot rendering techniques. The filter is 100% multi-threaded for multi-core workstations and offers native 48 bit color capabilities. Buddhabrot supports numerous unique features including time-based fractal generation, combined multiple fractal rendering, independent color-channel brightness / gamma control, and numerous variable mutation options. Finally, Buddhabrot is capable of generating extremely high resolution fractals, in excess of 900 megapixels.

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Developed by Richard Rosenman.